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The Winter Holiday Week in the Finnish Railway Museum

21.02.2017 to 26.02.2017

There are lots of activities for children during the winter holiday week 21.-26.2.2017 in the Finnish Railway Museum.

Postia asemapoika Fransille (Mail to station boy Frans) -guided adventure tours are held on Wednesday 22.2. The tours are held in Finnish and they start at 10.00 & 11.30 (intended for children between 3-6 years) and 13.30 & 15.00 (intended for children over 6 years). Reserving your place ahead of time is compulsory because there is limited space per tour. To reserve your place at Postia asemapoika Fransille-tour and for more information, contact Saana Palamaa, Tour price is 5 € per child.

In addition, during the whole winter holiday day children may color and craft images of locomotives and carriages in the museum’s workshop. You may also try your gaming skills and borrow railway themed board games from the ticketing desk.

On Tuesday 21.2., Thursday 23.2., and Friday 24.2. the museum’s pop-up café serves customers in the 1950’s buffet car of the Heritage Train Valtteri. From the café you may buy small pastries, cake and refreshments. Other days the café serves customers in the lobby.

The Museum is open during the winter holiday week Tuesday-Friday 10 am - 3 pm and Saturday-Sunday 10 am - 5 pm.