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Time travel by the small heroes photo shoot in Finnish Railway Museum

08.10.2016 to 09.10.2016

A photo shoot relating to the Time travel by the small heroes -project takes place at the Finnish Railway Museum during the weekend of 8.–9.10.2016. In the photographs, taken by the photographer Carmen Tomas, modern day children will re-enact the lives of children during the war time in Finland. Time travel by the small heroes -project is part of the Suomi 100 -programme headed by the Cabinet of Finland, celebrating the centenary of independent Finland.

On Saturday the focus will be on the refugee children from Karelia and Lapland and the junior Lottas of the catering corps. On Sunday the focus will be on the war children sent to Sweden and the Lottas and junior Lottas that escorted them. The photoshoot will be held between noon and 5 p.m. on both days.

Reserving Your place ahead of time is advised due to limited time. To reserve your place at the photo shoot and for more information, contact photographer Carmen Tomas at or call 044 300 4402.
The price for a single picture is 10 €, cash only. Costumes and props are supplied on site. Regular admission prices to the Museum exhibition still apply on both days.

The best photos will be brought together in an illustrated story book released during the centenary. The stories are based on actual interviews of the elders who were children during the war years. The combined recreated photos and original stories, which unite different generations and different cultures, allow people from other countries to learn about Finnish culture and also tell us about their original cultures. The book will also be used at schools, daycares, libraries and reception centers as a teaching aid.

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