Suomen Rautatiemuseo
Hyvinkäänkatu 9
05800 Hyvinkää

Railway Museum´s Summer Season Opening 2016


At the Railway Museum, the summer of 2016 kicks off with all kinds of activities for the whole family. One of the treasures of our collections, a 101-year-old wide-gauge steam locomotive nicknamed “Princess” (Hv1, number 555), will be operating on the museum´s track accompanied by an old third class passenger carriage. Hop on for a ride of the good old days! Visitors can also try a real pump-action handcar on one of the museum´s track.

In addition, our very own miniature park train will be awakened from its long winter hibernation. If the weather conditions are favorable, the train will carry passengers of all ages through the summery museum park. At the old bakery cottage, museum´s summer café will serve refreshments and snacks.

The National Museum Vehicles Day takes a head start at the museum park as all kinds of fancy old vehicles such as motorbikes and cars gather there between 10am and 3pm.

To commemorate our grand old lady, “Princess”, all the visitors dressed up as princes or princesses are granted a free entry to the event and to our exhibition.  The Finnish Railway Museum is open from 10am to 5pm during the Summer Season Opening.