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Railway Museum Day 2022


The Railway Museum Day is a cheerful event for the whole family with all kinds of fun activities and a lively railway atmosphere. Experience travelling aboard a steam engine, see a turntable show, have a go at conducting a handcar and hop onboard the miniature park train! The most eventful day of the year suits everyone from toddlers to seniors. At this year´s event we celebrate the 160th anniversary of Finnish Railways.

The Railway Museum Day takes place on Sunday 14th of August 2022. The museum is open from 10 am until 5 pm. The ticket prices for the event are: Adults: 16,00€, children under 18 years: free entry.
Please note: The Museum Card and other discount cards are not valid on the Railway Museum Day.

Programme on the museum area

  • Turntable shows: watch how heavy engines turn around with nothing but muscle!
  • The miniature park trains operate in the museum garden. Have a tour around the museum park on a carriage drawn by miniature trains. Ticket prices: 1€/person.
  • Conduct a hand car. Have a go at conducting a hand car and see how quick you can go!
  • Steam engine “Leena” takes on passengers for a ride in a passenger carriage dating back from the beginning of the 20th century. You can access the ride with your event bracelet.
  • And a whole lot more…  

The Museum Traffic

On the Railway Museum Day  it is possible to travel from Helsinki to the Finnish Railway Museum on a train pulled by class Hr1 locomotive no. 1021 ”Ukko Pekka”. The trip begins from Helsinki Central railway station. You can also board the train at Tikkurila, Järvenpää and Jokela stations. Ticket prices remain the same regardless of the length of the journey.

A typical late 20th century express train travels from Hämeenlinna to Helsinki via the Finnish Railway Museum. The train consists of class Dr13 diesel electric locomotive no. 2349 and steel-bodied coaches.

It is also possible to travel from Lohja to the Finnish Railway Museum on a heritage train double headed by class Dv15 and Dv16 locomotives and consisting of wooden coaches, a travelling post office and a sleeping coach. The trip begins from Lohja station (Venteläntie 9). You can also board the train at Nummela, Otalampi and Rajamäki stations. See the train stops on the Hanko Line.

Please note that train tickets are only sold online on the museums web store and cannot be purchased on board the train or at stations.