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Pienoisjunatreffit 2017 – Model Railway Weekend in the Finnish Railway Museum

13.05.2017 to 14.05.2017

Pienoisjunatreffit is a weekend event that brings together a variety of model railways at Finnish Railway Museum. You may also watch and learn about model building and make purchases from the different railway model sellers. People from all age groups – from hobbyist to families – can enjoy the event. 

On Saturday 13.5. the Heritage Train Valtteri carries passengers from Helsinki to Pienoisjunatreffit and back. The Valtteri train also stops in Tikkurila and Järvenpää. The timetable and prices can be found here (pdf). The tickets to the Valtteri train can be bought in advance from the museum’s web shop.

Also on Saturday, alongside Pienoisjunatreffit, opens an exhibition which introduces the history of Finnish transport infrastructure – seaways, railways and roads. The exhibition comprises of three dioramas which picture the changes and developments in infrastructure during the last hundred years. The exhibition is produced by the Finnish Transport Agency and it is open until 11.6.2017.

On Sunday 14.5. there will be guided tours in the museum park, held in Finnish. A new mobile guide which tells about the history of the museum area will also be introduced on these tours. The museum area is an old railway community where the railway workers have lived and worked.

Pienoisjunatreffit is open 13.-14.5.2017 from 10 am to 5 pm. The event is part of the Finnish Railways Museum’s celebration of the independent Finland’s centenary festival.