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Guided tours during the name day of the Heritage Train Valtteri


The name day of Heritage Train Valtteri is on Sunday 29.1.2017 and to celebrate the event the Finnish Railway Museum has arranged two guided tours to the Valtteri‘s restored carriages from the 1940’s to 1970’s. During the tour you may also visit the cabins of the diesel locomotives Dv16 and Dr13.

The tours start at 13 and 15 p.m. from the museum’s lobby and you may attend the tour for the price of admission. The tours are held in Finnish. Because there is no barrier-free access to the carriages, the tour is not suitable for disabled people.

Museum is open from 12 noon to 17 pm during the name day of the Heritage Train Valtteri.

The Heritage Train Valtteri was restored for the 150th anniversary of the Finnish State Railways. The train has fully restored wooden cars: a saloon car, a passenger car, a passenger-buffet car and a passenger-conductor´s car. The Valtteri is named after Walter Ahlström (1875-1931), a Finnish industrialist, whose private saloon car is now a part of Valtteri.