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Children´s mysterious adventure tour during the halloween


Every year at the same evening a ghost train stops at a station. What is the secret behind it? And why does ghost conductor Aaprahami Mähkönen wander around moaning eerily?

Children’s mysterious adventure tour Kummitusjunan konduktööri (Conductor of the ghost train) is arranged at the Finnish Railway Museum on Friday 2.11.2018. The drama tours will start at 17.00, 18.15 and 19.30 and they are produced by Teatteri Vuohi.

Kummitusjunan konduktööri -tour is held in Finnish and is meant for children over 5 years. Reserving your place in advance is compulsory because there is room for max. 20 children per tour. Tour price is 5 € per a child. We recommend that children participate on the tour without an adult.

If you want, you can wear a Halloween costume. Notice on clothing that the exhibitions halls are chilly as winter approaches.

To reserve your place at Kummitusjunan konduktööri -tour and for more information, contact Inka Alén,
inka.alen( at )
When you sign up please send child’s name, age and time of the tour in demand (17:00,18:15 or 19:30).